To Jack


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  • Jack

    好啦, 人家只是開個小玩笑, 有必要這樣昭告天下嘛?
    人家宰相肚子裡能撐船, 我雖然沒有宰相肚,
    但我有啤酒肚, 只要沒有人身攻擊的玩笑我都能接受,
    對不起, 我下次不會開你玩笑了.

  • Yang-Ching

    First, it\’s my web site. I am not very happy that you add a link to my web site. Even though i couldn\’t see what picture it is, don\’t you think you need my permission?
    Second, I have right to keep or delete any comments that I think it\’s inappropriate.
    Third, it\’s nothing to do with the joke you made

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